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Some of my favourite contenders from the FSC Design Award. Photos from my Instagram feed @thatnordicfeeling.

Hello there Friday! I am always happy to see you. What a week! I’ve been featured in magazines no less than three times – check this post and this one too in case you missed it.

Earlier this week I attended an Instawalk at the Aller Publishing House with the magazine Mad & Bolig. The occasion was a big design contest hosted by the magazine in collaboration with FSC Denmark (Forest Stewardship Council – they promote the responsible management of forests worldwide. Need I say I’m a fan?). 103 design students from all over Denmark have worked very hard on their projects for months.

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More favourites. Photos from my Instagram feed @thatnordicfeeling and some I didn’t post.

Along with 11 fab ladies I was invited to see all the projects. And while we were there, they gave us a tour of the beautiful building situated on the Copenhagen water front. They architecture is stunning and I could have walked around for hours exploring every little corner. Mad & Bolig shared some of our photos in this article – and you can read more about the design award here – and see who won last night here.

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The stunning Aller Huset. This art installation doubles as a weather forcast! It is directly linked to the Meteorological Institute and is constantly changing according to the weather forcast 24 hours from now.

I wanted to share this NY Times article with you, as it stuck with me this week. It’s a series of portraits of four sisters through 40 years. It’s amazing to see the four sisters grow older and wiser year by year. What an amazing family history in photos they have.

Today is also the very last chance to enter this give away – I will pick the winner this afternoon.

What are you up to this weekend? I have a whole lot of work to do before we leave for Thailand next week. I have a photo shoot planned, blog posts to write, deadlines and I am also working on some fun surprises for you while I’m away. But my weekend isn’t all work and no play as I also have a few fun plans stacked in there. I hope you have a fun weekend ahead too. Let’s make it a great one x

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Let the countdown begin.. {Calendar candles – 4 different styles}

Christmas via that nordic feeling

Autumn is singing it’s last verse while Winter is waiting just around the corner. The weather is shifting and the air is crips and cold and the darkness comes early in the afternoon these days. But it’s okay. December is just around the corner, and despite being perhaps the darkest month of the year from nature’s hand, December is lit up by twinkle lights, candles, happy smiles and stars in children’s eyes. December is one of my favourite months – I love it just as much as I love summer. What is not to love about Christmas? Also December is my birth month (lots of presents for me this month!).

Calendar candles is a Danish tradition. We count down to the big day by burning a little bit of the candle day by day starting from December 1st. We celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve – that’s why it only goes up to 24.

Christmas via that nordic feeling

I wrote an article about calendar candles for the Christmas issue of Boligcious Lookbook (check this post for direct link). I also styled and shot a few photos for the piece. I thought I would share a few more photos from the shoot and show you the calendar candles I chose for the piece.

Personal Christmas

Buy a simple calendar candle at the supermarket or Søstrene Grene and arrange it in a still life with your favourite things. In my family hyacinths are a family tradition, but you can use what ever you like to create an arrangement that is personal to you.

Christmas via that nordic feeling

Marple plate: thrift find // Vase: Finnsdottir // Cup: Falcon Enamelware // Calendar candle: found last year

Nordic Christmas

If you want a clean, Nordic look choose a calendar candle from Skandinavisk. I love this one so much! If I wasn’t traveling the first week of December, I would get this one. Next year I guess.
Christmas via that nordic feelingChristmas via that nordic feeling

Graphic Christmas

Choose the calendar candle from Normann Copenhagen with this candle holder if you like graphic, black & white look.
Christmas via that nordic feelingChristmas via that nordic feeling

Christmas with a nature twist

Go for the calendar candle from by Nord if you want references to the great Scandinavian nature.
Christmas via that nordic feeling

*this post contains affiliate links.

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Trends of 2015 – feature in a magazine

Via that nordic feeling

What will be the biggest trends of 2015? The magazine Countryliv, a sister magazine to Isabellas, asked me to share the 3 trends I believe in for a feature in the newest issue out today.

I’m going to write a series of posts with my best tips for 2015, meanwhile go get a copy of the magazine (it comes with Isabellas) and enjoy the article that also features the women behind three other Danish interior blogs.

Have a great Monday x

Via that nordic feelingVia that nordic feeling

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Life lately + new book + feature in a magazine

Via that nordic feeling

A new book about Danish Art Prints is out (in English). What is art and what is design? What sets the two apart and is it even meaningful to distinguish between the two when it comes to art prints? I attended the book launch earlier this week and I can’t wait to have a few hours alone with the book and a nice cup of tea and indulge in the beautiful works of the 66 talented artists – many of which I know and admire in person.

Via that nordic feeling

I have a few articles coming out these days with photos styled and shot by me. In the Christmas issue of Boligcious Lookbook I am sharing my advent wreath (Read the feature and see my styling on page 33). I also wrote an article about calendar candles – a Danish Christmas tradition (Read the article and see my styling on page 56-57). The new issue is aesthetically beautiful and full of Christmas inspiration – make yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee and enjoy the read:

I was also interviewed for a magazine coming out on Monday – I’ll share more about that next week.

Via that nordic feeling

The countdown is on – less than two weeks till we leave the cold weather, warm sweaters and boots behind, pack our summer best and head for the white sandy beaches of Thailand. Can’t wait! I have so much to do before we leave and many deadlines to meet, which means this is a working weekend for me. I don’t mind, I love the work I get to do on and around this blog. I hope your Sunday is full of good people, pancakes, nice books, warm socks or something else that makes you happy x

And don’t forget to enter the give away to win a Baker designed by Erik Bagger – it’s very easy to enter. See how in this post.

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A kitchen ware love story

Eva Trio via that nordic feeling

A few weeks ago I spent a beautiful evening having dinner with a wonderful crowd of bloggers, stylists and journalists – we were celebrating the gorgeous kitchen ware from Eva Trio. This year the pots and pans are celebrating their 37th birthday and like other great Danish design, they are as contemporary and beautiful today as they were on the day they first saw daylight.

Ole Palsby is th genius behind the series. The iconic shape and the functionality has been known for generations. In fact I grew up with the Eva Trio series. My favourite pot was the tiniest copper pot. I remember melting butter init from an early age. I was not a big potato fan (my dad was – we ate a lot of potatoes) so a drizzle of melted butter helped me get them down.

Creamy risotto via that nordic feelingEva Trio via that nordic feeling

At first glance the simple lines and timeless design stands out. But if you look closer you will find, that Ole thought of everything. The handles are not built into the pots and pans, but added on – this and the material it is made from is not a coincidence. By making them this way, the heat won’t transfer to the handle, so you won’t burn hands. But with a gas stove like mine, you do need pot holders.

The same functionality shows up again, when you are putting them away. They are stackable and the lids are flat and multifunctional, so you can use the same lit for more that one pot. All of this means that they won’t take up as much room in your cabinets like other pots and pans do.

I have had my eye on the white series for a long time. The pots are lined with a ceramic surface that makes sure nothing sticks while cooking – and they are easy to clean. In fact you can stick them right into the dishwasher – if you know my blog, you’ll know that I hate washing up, so this was a cherry on top! And they do look good in my kitchen, if I may say so myself.

Last weekend I decided to take my new pots out for a spin so I cooked up a big badge of creamy autumn risotto with chanterelles and Portobellos. I try to stick to a low(er) carb diet, so this was a rare treat. And it was good – what do you like to cook for autumn?

Creamy risotto via that nordic feeling Creamy risotto via that nordic feelingCreamy risotto via that nordic feeling
Creamy risotto via that nordic feelingRisotto via that nordic feeling

Choosing the right pan or pot for the right purpose can be tricky if you are not a chef or a food enthusiast by trade. To help all us mortals, Eva Trio has teamed up with the National Culinary Team of Denmark and together they have made a series of videos to help you choose the right pots and pans – check them out here.

If you love cooking, check this post. There’s a great give away going on and a lovely autumn/winter recipe x

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The perfect frame

MOEBE frame via that nordic feelingMOEBE frame via that nordic feeling

Sometimes the simplest of things are the best. The regular readers will know that I have a preference for simple yet elegant design without any fuss. So when I first saw this frame by MOEBE, it was love at first sight.

MOEBE is a Scandinavian design brand based in Copenhagen, founded by cabinetmaker Anders Thams and architect Martin D. Christensen. The frame is simply put together by four pieces of oak and two pieces of plexiglass and held together by a rubber band. It does not come more simple than that. And the result is genius.

MOEBE frame via that nordic feelingMOEBE frame via that nordic feeling

Need I say I’m a fan? I bought one a few moths ago and I am very pleased with it. Recently I’ve experimented with natures beautiful props in all of autumn’s glory, but I’ve also used it to frame a print – check this DIY guide to rocking a picture wall to see more.

MOEBE frame via that nordic feeling

I will definitely need to add another one to my collection at some point. Find a retailer near you here and check out MOEBE for more.

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Good morning Saturday + a tip for you

Via that nordic feeling

Hello there weekend! I hope your Saturday is off to a good start. I’m starting my weekend with a nice cup of tea, magazines and my favourite radio show Mads & Monopolet.

Via that nordic feeling

I have to share this tea with you. I have been practising my tea drinking skills lately and I have found one that is better than any other tea I’ve ever had. No kidding! Winter in Løv – I wish you could smell it. It tastes like desert in a cup – and smells like it too. I don’t know if it’s the cocoa shells, the liquorice or the cinnamon, but it’s so aromatic and I’ll be drinking this all winter long.

Via that nordic feeling Via that nordic feeling

I’m going out of town tomorrow morning very early on business, so today is all about relaxing and enjoying a day off. I plan to hit the books this afternoon doing my research for Thailand. Only three weeks to go, wuhuu! Can’t wait to get far away from the cold, walk barefooted on the beach, feel the sun on my cheeks and do absolutely nothing. Do any of you have any good tips for Phuket? Or links to travel guides or blogs? Leave me a comment, thank you x

Via that nordic feeling

Btw did you read my Christmas post this week? If you are looking for more inspiration, check out my Christmas board on Pinterest:

Follow Rikke | that nordic feeling’s board Christmas on Pinterest.

Speaking of Christmas – the first hyacinths moved in this week. The remind me of my mum and grandma.

Via that nordic feeling

Happy weekend, friends x

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Comfort food + a chance to win

Slow roasted chicken with veggies - recipe via that nordic feeling

All the leaves have turned yellow, red and brown and the days are getting shorter and colder day by day. Autumn is in full bloom and it’s feeling more and more like winter every day. This kind of weather always makes me want to curl up inside with a blanket, a nice cup of tea and a magazine. It also makes me want to cook – the slow kind of food. Soul food.

Last weekend I spent my Sunday in the kitchen preparing the best kind of comfort food I know. A slow roasted chicken with lots of veggies on the side. Today I am sharing the recipe with you and giving one of my Danish readers a chance to win a baker designed by Erik Bakker – stay tuned, I will tell you how to enter later in this post.

A baker (also called a Römertopf) is genius for comfort and winter food. It cooks the food gently and thereby preserving more vitamins and keeping the meat juicy. To me it is the perfect Sunday endeavour. It cooks a big portion, so you have leftovers for the following week – easy meals if you work late.

Slow roasted chicken with veggies

Slow roasted chicken with veggies - recipe via that nordic feeling

What you need:

  • A chicken – preferably a free-range or organic one
  • Beet roots
  • Carrots
  • Golden beets
  • Onions
  • Red onions
  • Garlic
  • Olive oil
  • Butter
  • Fresh rosemary
  • A lemon (preferably an organic one as we will use the zest)
  • Dark beer

Slow roasted chicken with veggies - recipe via that nordic feeling

What you do:

Fill up the sink with cold water and leave the baker (both parts) in there for 15 minutes. The clay will absorb the water and later release it as steam while cooking.

Peel all the roots, carrots, onions and garlic. Cut the onions, carrots, beet roots and golden beets into bite size slices.

Fill up the baker with all the onions, carrots, beet roots, golden beets and a handful of garlic cloves and a handful of fresh rosemary. Now pour the dark beer over the veggies.

Slow roasted chicken with veggies - recipe via that nordic feeling

I like to give the chicken a rinse off before I cook it and dry it off with paper towels. Gently “lift” the skin from the meat all across the breast. Cut out some thin slices of butter and place it under the skin. This will make the breast meat very juicy. Rub the skin with olive oil on the outside.

Give the lemon a good rinse and dry it off. Grate the zest and rub it all over the chicken. Cut the lemon in halves and stuff them into the chicken with some rosemary and a few cloves of garlic.

Place the chicken on top of the veggies and rub the skin with what ever spices you prefer – use salt and pepper as a minimum. I used a nice lemon salt from Mariager Sydesalt. Use food string – or wooden toothpicks like I did – to close the chicken up.

Slow roasted chicken with veggies - recipe via that nordic feeling Slow roasted chicken with veggies - recipe via that nordic feeling

Put the baker with the lid on in a cold oven (this is important! If it is exposed to too much heat to fast, it will break). Turn up the oven to 200 C / 390 F degrees and leave the baker in there for 1,5 hours.

After 1,5 hours you remove the lid and turn on the grill. Let it roast for about 15-20 minutes, but keep an eye on it, and take it out when the skin is golden and crisp.

Cut the chicken into pieces and serve up with a side of veggies. The dark beer will have worked its magic giving the meal just the right winter, comfort food flavour. You can turn the  juice in the baker into a nice gravy if you want. Enjoy!

Slow roasted chicken with veggies - recipe via that nordic feeling

And now onto the give away – I’ll take this one in Danish as this is only for my Danish readers.

Hvilken ret er du?

Som du sikkert har hørt, så er vi ved at vælge Danmarks nationalret. Men dansk madkultur er jo uendelig varieret og fuld af forskellige smagsnuancer. Derfor har Imerco udviklet en sjov gimmic, hvor du kan teste, hvilken nationalret du er. Du kan i øvrigt også finde opskrifter hos Imerco til alle retterne.

Sammen med Imerco har jeg fået lov til at forkæle en heldig læser med den fine stegeso fra Erik Bakker magen til den, jeg har brugt her i opskriften.

Slow roasted chicken with veggies - recipe via that nordic feeling

Sådan deltager du:

  • Test dig selv lige her
  • Kom tilbage og læg en kommentar med svaret om, hvilken ret du er, senest den 21. november kl.12.

Herefter trækker jeg lod om en vinder og giver den heldige direkte besked.

Jeg tog selv testen og blev en bolle i karry! Det er dæleme sjovt, eftersom jeg aldrig i mit liv har lavet boller i karry. Jeg glæder mig til at høre, hvad du bliver. Du kan jo evt. udfordre familien og se, om I er enige :)

*This post is sponsored by Imerco. As always thank you for reading my blog and supporting my sponsors. They make it possible for me to do what I love.

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It’s beginning to look a lot like..

nordic christmas via that nordic feeling

Dare I say it? The C-word… Well yeah, I do. Christmas! There, I said it. And I know it’s early. So if you are one of those people, who only want to hear about Christmas in December, well I apologise. Skip this post – no hard feelings ;)

nordic christmas via that nordic feeling

To the rest of you – this is the month before the month. Oh yeah! Christmas is my favourite holiday – I love the season. The holy jolly good mood everyone is in, the decorations, the snow, the food, the twinkle lights, the gifts, the goodies – all of it! And it’s been sneaking up on me lately. I found myself putting together a Christmas playlist the other day (dare I say I’m listening to it now, because I sort of am. Just a little bit..). And I found myself going through last years Christmas posts. So in case you feel the same way I do and want some early inspiration or a head start, here’s a list for you:

Inspiration for an Advent wreath with a Nordic twist

The coolest free printable gift tags

See how I decorate for the season here and here

Great DIY Christmas projects

My inspiration for a Nordic Christmas

And if you’re thirsty for more, check the archives for all posts tagged with Christmas.

Also; check out my Christmas board on Pinterest:

Follow Rikke | that nordic feeling’s board Christmas on Pinterest.

Okay, I’m turning off the Christmas music now. Merry Wednesday, friends x

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Daily beauty routines

Bathroom via that nordic feelingBathroom via that nordic feeling

Do you have a daily beauty routine? I do. I can’t stand going to bed wearing make up, my eyes itch and my face feels dirty. No matter how late I get in you will always find me in the bathroom removing make up and cleaning my face – even when I’m so tired I could fall a sleep right there on the spot.

Bathroom via that nordic feeling

I recently bought a Clarisonic Aria/Mia 3 cleansing device found here after reading about it and considering it for months. And I must say, I am happy I did even if it is a bit expensive. For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s a cleansing brush that uses a sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second to deeply cleanse the skin far more effectively, yet more gently, than traditional superficial cleansing or simple rotating brushes – more info here.

Bathroom via that nordic feeling

It’s been about a month now of using it twice a day and my skin feels more smooth and clean than it ever did before. Have you noticed how the state of someones skin really eccefts how old you think they are? I hope that by cultivating good routines now I will keep my skin looking good for years to come – rather prevent than cure, right? *Here’s to hoping.*

I feel the same way about skin care products that I do about food. I prefer them to be as natural as possible and mostly organic, always without parabens and preferably without artificial colours and perfume. Two of my favourite brands are Nuxe and Rudolph Care. They both live up to my standards with natural and organic ingredients – and the products work well. But I like to change things up a bit, so I don’t necessarily buy the same products every time. But this is what my bathroom shelf looks like right now.

Bathroom via that nordic feeling

I start by rinsing my face with Nuxe Micellar Foam Cleanser with Rose Petals found here and the Clarisonic. Then I use Nuxe’s Gentle Toning Lotion with Rose Petals found here To add more moisture I use the Açai Facial Mist from Rudolph Care found here. I love this spray! I also use it if I need to freshen up after a long day at work before going out.

My skin tends to become dry especially during the cold seasons, and seeing how I live in Denmark, the cold seasons take up most of the year. Therefore I have a few different moisturizers so that my skin can get an extra boost whenever needed.

Bathroom via that nordic feeling

I love the Nuxe Merveillance serum to wear under my daydream for an extra moisture boost found on sale here. I use it twice a day under my face cream. A few time a week I use the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse oil instead of a night cream found here.

I use this Nuxe moisturiser as a day cream and a Nuxe eye cream found here twice a day under my eyes.

Bathroom via that nordic feeling

Once a week I like to do a little extra. I use the Açai Facial Scrub Mask from Rudolph Care found here. It makes my skin feel extra smooth and clean. Even with all these products and the Clarisonic I don’t spend much time in the bathroom. It’s a routine once you get it down. I use the Clarisonic in the shower in the morning to save time, so it’s not too bad.

The tray is from Nur Design (more about it here), the tea light is a whisky glass and the toothbrush holder is from Vipp in case you were wondering.

Bathroom via that nordic feeling

What’s your favourite products?

*This post contains affiliate links.

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