Which glasses should I pick? + A discount code


Remember when I told you, I was looking for new glasses? Foof sent me 5 pairs to try on at home – and I need your help picking out the perfect pair.

When the 5 pairs arrived, I grabbed a friend and my camera. You see it’s not that easy being both in front of and behind the camera at the same time, so I needed a little help with this one. My friend is not a photographer, in fact I don’t think she’s even used a big camera like mine before. But she got away with it, I think! We had a lot of fun shooting these – I don’t feel very comfortable in front of the camera, so I tend to look a bit (read: a lot) stiff. So Vicky kept bossing me around trying to get me to loosen up. Also it kept starting to rain so we had to run for cover over and over again – hence the frizzy hair and rainbow coloured glasses (note that the test pairs don’t have reflective glass, like the end product will have). Did we get away with it? I’ll let you be the judge!

Discount code

As a little gift to you, Foof have decided to provide my lovely readers with a special discount code. If you enter ‘thatnordicfeeling’ at check out, you’ll get 10 % off your new glasses or sunglasses – or both. It’s good for as many pairs as you want. The code is valid through August 9th. Mind you the glasses come pretty cheap to begin with, so this is the perfect time to update your eyewear. Read more about Foof, the concept and the prices in my first post.

Here we go – get ready to laugh!

Okay, so first up is Damon:
foof glasses via that nordic feeling

foof glasses via that nordic feeling

Then we have Cruise:
foof glasses via that nordic feeling

foof glasses via that nordic feeling

Here’s Depp, which I tried on in this and this colour:
foof glasses vi that nordic feeling

foof glasses vi that nordic feeling

foof glasses via that nordic feeling

I’ve got a bit of a Harry Potter look going on here, don’t I?

Last but not least we have Hanks:
foof glasses via that nordic feeling

foof glasses via that nordic feeling

Okay boys any girls – what do you think? Which ones should I pick? I myself am leaning towards Cruise. I love how they’ve all got Hollywood star names! Can’t wait to hear what you think. Thank you x

This one’s for you, Vicky – thanks for cracking me up! I know this wasn’t easy (I’ll have the model agency send someone more trained next time). Thank you for the help and for a fun day! x

that nordic feeling

*This post is sponsored by Foof. As always thank you for reading this blog and supporting my sponsors. They make it possible for me to do what I love.

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New in – kitchen favourites

Nur trays via that nordic feeling

I am always looking for ways to improve my kitchen. I love to cook, so this is a room I spend a lot of time in every day of the week. Anything that will make cooking easier or the kitchen look more tidy is always very welcome in my world.

You might remember this post, where I highlighted new designers to keep an eye on after visiting the Formland Trade in the beginning of the year. One of the new designers, I noticed, was Maja Bøgh Vindbjerg from nur design.

Maja is 27 years old, studying for a master’s degree in Architecture and lives in Århus, Denmark. She started nur design last year as an outlet for her passion for Nordic architecture and design. I had my eye on the trays from the first time I saw them. I knew they would be brilliant in the kitchen. They come in three different sizes and a range of different colours – including a copper one. I have found the perfect spot for all three sizes in my kitchen. Maja sent me some trays to try out, and I have been testing them for a few months now, and my enthusiasm for the trays are still intact.

Nur trays via that nordic feeling

Nur trays via that nordic feeling

My kitchen top table is made of wood. A light wood even – and even though I’ve stained the surfaces with white oil, they are still very delicate. I always have to be ware not to leave any water – or even worse a coloured liquid – lying around. Even dishwasher soap can leave marks. This is where the trays come in handy! The small one is the perfect size for my dishwasher soap, the middle one fits perfect as a tray for some of my herbs and the big one can hold all my oils and vinegar etc.

Nur trays via that nordic feeling - nur

Nur trays via that nordic feeling - nur

I used to store my oils, spices etc. on a black and white tray, but this white one is just so much easier on the eyes. My Smeg fridge is big and red – and very noticeable to say the least, so I like to keep the rest of the room quite simple. Anything that is both functional, elegant and simple is always a winner in my book. It doesn’t take me long to get sick of items with too much detail or colour on – they are just too noisy for me. More from my kitchen here and here.

Nur trays via that nordic feeling

Nur trays via that nordic feeling

Here is a list of the shops, who carry Maja’s designs. You can also email Maja directly if you can’t find a shop near you, I’m sure she will be happy to help you out.

Via that nordic feeling - nur

What do you have in your kitchen that makes your life easier?

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It’s all about Copenhagen

Nyhavn, Copenhagen via that nordic feeling

This week has been all about Copenhagen here o the blog. I get so many emails and questions on Instagram and here on the blog from people coming to stay in Copenhagen. They want tips and insights. So I thought it was about time I started to share more tips here on the blog and get back to working on my CPH guide.

This week I shared a tip for having coffee & cake  – and helping others at the same time (win win!), a fab video from Copenhagen to celebrate it being voted the most liveable city in the world for the second year in a row by the Monocle, my favourite brunch place in the city, a big guide to going swimming and cooling off in the coolest spots in the city and a tip for more than 100 culinary events coming up at Copenhagen Cooking festival in August.

It’s been fun sharing my city with you this week, and I would love to share more. But tell me – what do you want to know? Shopping tips? A guide to restaurants and cafés? Places to see, things to do? All of the above? Or something else? Leave me a comment below, please. I would love to hear from you and get your ideas, so I can make the best guides for you. Thank you, friends!

Btw, if you want to have a look at all the other tips and guides I’ve written about Copenhagen, take a look at ‘Copenhagen‘ in the archives.

I wish you a fab weekend and hope yours will be as sunny as mine x

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CPH tip: Copenhagen Cooking Festival

Copenhagen Cooking festival via that nordic feeling

Dining with a view – Copenhagen Cooking 2013. Photo by Rasmus Flindt Pedersen (Copenhagenmediacenter.com).

Get ready to have all your dreams about new Nordic food come true in August. Copenhagen Cooking festival will take place in Copenhagen from the 22nd – 31st of August. For the 10th year in a row Copenhagen Cooking is filling the Danish capital with more than 100 unique food events for all tastes; for children and grown-ups, and whether you are a novice or genuine connoisseur within the world of gastronomy. Now is your chance if you’ve ever dreamed of dining in two Danish top chefs’ private apartment, joining a jam-making workshop in a bramble thicket, or sampling a royal banquet in the royal kitchens at Christiansborg Palace.

Go check out the programme and make sure to buy tickets for the events you want to join before they sell out.

Copenhagen Cooking festival via that nordic feeling

Photo by Christian Lindgren (Copenhagenmediacenter.com)

A touch of history

Two of Copenhagen’s most historic buildings, the National Museum of Denmark and Christiansborg Palace, are also making themselves available for unique food events. Christiansborg Palace is opening its doors to the large royal kitchens, where food has been prepared for countless royal gala dinners in the Great Hall upstairs. Usually the kitchens are closed to the public, but during Copenhagen Cooking, guests will be able to visit the kitchens and taste samples from the royal table.

Copenhagen Cooking festival via that nordic feeling

Dining at the Royal Danish Theatre last year. Photo by Ea Verdoner (Copenhagenmediacenter.com)

Have a bite of the park and the streets

It’s not just out in the countryside that you find wild plants for cooking. Copenhagen also has edible parks. Wild food and finding raw ingredients in nature is a growing gastronomic trend, one which is being celebrated by Byhøst (City harvest) when the Wild Festival is held on Amager Fælled, a large area of common land to the south-east of the city centre near the airport. Here, among other things, there will be a jam-making workshop in a blackberry thicket, and guests will be invited into the pop-up restaurant Buskads (Thicket’).

These are just some of the events lined up. With more than 100 I’m sure you will find something for you. Have fun x

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CPH tip: Let’s go swimming!

A guide to going swimming in Copenhagen via that nordic feeling

Helgoland by Amager Strandpark

You might know Copenhagen for its design, food and fashion scene. And no doubt about it – it’s a city full of food, fashion and beautiful design aswell as architecture, playgrounds and parks/green spots. But there is another thing Copenhagen do really well – swimming! Once the sun comes out to play during summer, the city is full of spots to go swimming and cool off.

Last week’s heat wave is coming back this weekend, so it’s perfect timing for a little guide to soak up some sun and get your swim on in the city. Copenhagen has 2 beaches, 3 harbour baths and 2 public open air swimming pools – so no matter where you are staying in the city, the water is never far away.

Us Danes spend as much time as we can outside during summer when the weather is nice. I guess we need to make up for all the cold and dark months. Summer is just the opposite - the sun rises at 4 in the morning and sets at 22-23 at night. That gives us a lot of hours in between. So you will find a lot of outdoor activities going on by the beach and the harbour baths. We go for picnics and barbeques and soak up the sun till late at night. You need to see this to get the true Copenhagen experience.

I’ve plotted everything into a Google map for your convenience:

Show Swimming in Copenhagen on a bigger map

The beaches

There are two beaches in Copenhagen – the big beach park on Amager and the beach on Østerbro. Svanemølle beach is a 4,000 sqm. new sandy beach with a 130 meter long pier into the water.

If you are staying in Østerbro make sure to check this ice cream place out (they changed their name since last year, but the ice cream are still as good!).

Amager Strandpark via that nordic feeling

This is what Amager Strandpark looks like at 9 pm on a hot summer’s day in Copenhagen.

My favourite is the beach park on Amager – 5 kilometres of beautiful sandy beach along Øresund with a view of Sweden and the majestic wind turbines, you probably noticed from the plane. There’s an artificial island just off the coast, forming a lagoon with toddlers’ pools and a 1,000-metre long rowing and swimming lane. There is also a pier called Helgoland (see the first photo of the post) where you can jump in the water from, enjoy the sun and take in the view of the beach. There is a board walk along the beach, so it is also a popular spot to go for walks, bike rides, skates and anything with wheels on really. There are nice areas with grass so it is also a very popular spot for picnics and barbeques. You can also play mini golf, go windsurfing, kayaking and don’t forget to treat yourself to an ice cream. I recommend the homemade ice cream from Ismageriet (by Kastrup Fortet) – Yum!

A guide to going swimming in Copenhagen via that nordic feeling

Ismageriet by Kastrup Fortet along Amager Strandpark

Did you catch my tip on my favourite brunch place yesterday? This place does really good take away too – a 5 minutes walk from Amager Strandpark.

Amager Strandpark
Amager Strandvej - Take the Metro (ariport-line) and get off at Øresund st.
2300 København S
Open all year round obviously, but the life guard stations are manned from 23rd of June to the last Sunday of August, every day from 10.00-18.00.

Svanemøllen Strand
Strandpromenaden 36
2100 København Ø
Open all year round obviously, but the life guard stations are manned from 23rd of June to 31st of August, every day from 10.00-18.00.

The harbour baths

Copenhagen is known for its clean water and being a green capital. The harbours are so clean, that we can swim in it. There are three harbour baths along the canal. There are life guards on duty during opening hours all summer long and kid friendly basins. The place attracts all sorts of people – families with children, young people, swimmers alike, so feel free to jump in and join the fun.

Havnebadet Islands Brygge
Islands Brygge 14
2300 København S
Open from 1st of June to 31st of August, every day from 07.00-20.00.

Havnebadet Fisketorvet
Kalvebod Brygge 55
1560 København V
Open from 1st of June to 31st of August, every day from 11.00-19.00.

Havnebadet Sluseholmen
Ben Websters Vej 69
2450 København SV
Open from 1st of June to 31st of August, every day from 11.00-19.00.

Public open air swimming pools

There are two public open air swimming pools if you prefer not to swim in the ocean.

Bavnehøj Friluftsbad
Enghavevej 90
2450 København SV
Open from 9th of June to 7th of September, every day from 10.00-18.00.

Bellahøj Friluftsbad
Bellahøjvej 1-3
2700 Brønshøj
Open from 1st of June to 31st of August, every day from 11.00-17.30.

Hope you do go for a swim while visiting Copenhagen during summer. Also go buy some take out and have a dinner picnic by the beach or harbour Copenhagen-style. Have fun! x

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CPH tip: My favourite brunch place

Wulff + Konstali in CPH via that nordic feeling

I don’t know about you but I love going out for brunch on weekends. Today I am sharing my favourite brunch place in Copenhagen.

Wulff + Konstali is a food shop and café situated on Lergravsvej 57 on Amager. It is hidden away amongst industrial buildings close to Copenhagen’s best beach the beautiful Amager Strandpark (perfect for an after brunch walk all year round). You would never look for a nice café on this quiet, hidden away street, if you didn’t know it was there. Lergravsvej is a 10-15 minutes bike ride from the city centre or 3 stops on the Metro (the airport-line). Get off at Lergravsparken or Øresund st. – it’s a short walk from both.

Wulff + Konstali in CPH via that nordic feeling

The reason I really love this brunch is that you get to put together the exact meal, you are in the mood for. The brunch order slip has 18 different things on it and you can order 5 or 7 (depending on how hungry you are). My favourites include the ½ advokado with olive oil and toasted sesame seeds, free range bacon, fried eggs, sausages and the Vesterhavs cheese. Yum!

Wulff + Konstali in CPH via that nordic feeling

Try a glass of freshly squeezed juice with your brunch and a coffee served in the beautiful VIPP ceramic cups. Wulff + Konstali also bake really good bread from scratch – they sell it to go too. There is a cozy little seating area outside when the weather is nice.

that nordic feeling favourite brunch place in cph

that nordic feeling favourite brunch place in cph

They also have a variety of salads, sandwiches and other meals to go – perfect for lunch or dinner while spending a day on the beach. And ice cream too!

Amager Strandpark via that nordic feeling

This is what Amager Strandpark looks like at 9 pm on a hot summer’s day in Copenhagen.

This is not a sponsored post. I just really love this place! And I get so many emails and questions on Instagram from people coming to CPH, so I’ve decided to share more tips on the blog from time to time. Hope they are useful to you x

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Copenhagen: the most liveable city in the world – again + a video

Copenhagen via that nordic feeling

A small collection of my Instagram photos tagged with #thatnordicfeelingcph – my very own Copenhagen tag.

Every year Monocle – a global magazine on international affairs, business, culture and design headquartered in London – does a Quality of Life Survey ranking the top 25 most liveable cities in the world. For the second year in a row – and for the third time – Copenhagen comes in the 1st place. As editor-in-chief Tyler Brûlé puts it: “There is just something about Copenhagen.. There’s a licence to do things on your own terms.”

As a Copehagener I couldn’t agree more. If you a regular reader or followers me on Instagram, you will know, how much I love Copenhagen and living here.

From the Monocle: “The Danish capital likes to think of itself as the bridge between Scandinavia and continental Europe. It is a city rich in cultural opportunities that welcomes visitors with its great food. Best of all, it’s ridiculously easy to enjoy all of its charms: Copenhagen is compact and everyone speaks impeccable English.”

Monocle did a little movie about the top 3 cities – go check it out here and enjoy the beautiful footage from Copenhagen.

Here are some of the characteristics, the Monocle empathise:

  1. The Danes are known as the easier going, more fun-loving natives of Scandinavia but behind that convivial façade they are also wily businesspeople.
  2. The Danes tend to say what they mean and cut to the chase. For example, if they want to know how much you earn they’ll most likely ask.
  3. Danes learn English from the age of eight and so are generally extremely fluent.
  4. Flying visit? Kastrup airport has excellent meeting facilities or take the metro and train links to the city from within the terminals.
  5. Danes aren’t big on formality. They much prefer ‘hygge’: the typically Danish spirit of social conviviality that eschews divisive conversation.

Tomorrow I will be sharing a tip for my favourite place to have brunch in the city – stay tuned. Have a happy Tuesday x

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News + 2 tips in and around Copenhagen

VIPP ceramics via that nordic feeling

Let’s kick off this week with a few noteworthy news. First up VIPP is launching a big bowl in their series of ceramics. It’s a bigger version of the smaller bowls from the brunch set. It is designed by Danish Annemette Kissow. I have a few coffee and tea cups and I love the shape, the colours and the feel of this series. Gorgeous isn’t it? This is going on my wish list along with the plates.

New VIPP large bowl via that nordic feeling

And while we are talking about VIPP; If you are in Copenhagen, stop by the VIPP store on Ny Østergade 34 and have a cup of coffee or tea to support Doctors Without Boarders. ‘A Cup for Charity’ is the name of the pop-up coffee shop Vipp is hosting in the store until September. for 100 DKK you get a cup of coffee or tea, a cake on the side and you even get to take your cup home while supporting a good cause – what is not to like? Plus the store in itself is worth a visit just to see the gorgeous kitchen and bathroom from VIPP. Go, go, go!

I’ve previously blogged about a styling competition and a flower work shop I did in the beautiful store.

A cup for charity, VIPP store Copenhagen via that nordic feeling

Last week the design duo no 17 opened up a gallery and shop in the small town of Tisvildeleje north of Copenhagen. I went to the reception the night before and completely fell in love with the gorgeous selection of beautiful ceramics, posters, jewellery etc. If you are in the neighbourhood, this is a must see. I will have to get up there again sometime this summer.

no 17 gallery & shop in Tisvildeleje via that nordic feeling

This wall lamp called Tilt from Nyta caught my eye. It comes in white, grey and black in a matte finish and I love how looks and functionality goes hand in hand with this lamp.

Tilt Nyta wall lamp via that nordic feeling

Last but not least Normann Copenhagen is introducing a new table called Box. It is designed by Danish Peter Johansen and will be out in stores by the end of July. It comes in a variety of lush colours and will be perfect as a side table. The midnight blue one is my favourite.

Box table from Normann Copenhagen via that nordic feeling

That’s it for now guys. Happy Monday x

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This summer…

summer via that nordic feeling

Hello lovelies! How is summer treating you? There is a heat wave going on in Copenhagen and I’m stuck at work dreaming about summer holidays. I still have three and a half weeks to go before it’s my turn for summer holiday. I can’t wait! I hope Copenhagen is saving some sunshine for my August break (pretty please!). I need tips for a good summer read – have you read any good books lately? Hit me!

While I’m running things here at the office and my co-workers are off on holiday I’m dreaming of a few summer things..
Homemade Elderflower cordial via that nordic feeling

I want to drink lots of cool homemade elderflower cordial in the garden.

summer via that nordic feeling

Go to the beach. Thankfully I live next to Copenhagen’s best one!

summer house via that nordic feeling

Spend time at my family’s summer house.

Best ice creams in Copenhagen via that nordic feeling

East as many ice creams and popsicles as I want to - although they are now called Oluf’s is.

Via that nordic feeling - summer dreaming

Break in my new flip-flops (I ended up getting the zebra striped ones).

Rhubarb crumble pie
Bake this delicious summer pie.

… And sleep in and read good books, hang out with friends, go sailing in Copenhagen og bike through the city with the warm summer wind in my hair…

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My favourite corner #7

My favourite corner via that nordic feeling

Good morning all! As you know, I’ve asked some of my favourite bloggers and instagrammers to show us their most valued part of their home. This time My Favourite Corner is taking us a little north of Copenhagen to the home of Malene Marie Møller, the editor of the blog Boligcious and free online magazine Boligcious Lookbook. I met Malene through the blogger world and we meet for coffee every once in a while. We did the Vipp styling competition together a few months ago and I wrote an article for the last edition of Boligcious Lookbook.

Malene is 39 years old and lives in a charming little old house with her husband and two children Olivia age 11 and Wilfred age 3.

My favourite corner via that nordic feeling

Here is Malene:

I have lots of favourite corners in my home, so it was hard to pick just one. But Rikke twisted my arm and made me choose one. My favorite corner is in my living room and it’s a corner that we don’t use often. I love to pass by and look at it because it inspires me.

My favourite corner via that nordic feeling

The ”Swan Lady” and ”Hipster Goat” are illustrations by the Swedish artist Sanna Wieslander – I adore her art, I think it is so cool and has an edge to it.

I am very passionate about art. I write about art every day on my blog, so naturally I have lots of art in my home. This corner is no exception. My favorite corner changes all the time, because I change the prints on the wall quite often.

My favourite corner via that nordic feeling

From left: Black canvas with the words ”Dance like no one is watching, sing like no one is listening and live each day like it’s your last” was made for me by a very good friend. The girl in the yellow bikini is by Bob Noon. The two old gentlemen is illustrated by KL-Art and the last piece with the little pig inside was made for me as a present from another friend for the launch of the magazine.

The old chair is very dear to me as it was my grandmother’s! My little brother and I called it the King’s Chair when we were kids – we actually fought about it quite often. The chair is a piece of art in itself – it is very sculptural and graphic.

My favourite corner via that nordic feeling

Every Christmas my kids are photographed in this chair, so this favorite corner is one of the most photographed spots in my home. The lamp is by Snowpuppe Studio, and I love the feminine expression and light it provides.

My favourite corner via that nordic feeling

The green boxes holds all of my little boy’s Brio toys. I found these boxes at a flea market some years ago. They came from an old electronic factory many years ago. I think they are pretty cool with the industrial look.

Photos: Malene Marie Møller

My favourite corner via that nordic feeling

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