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The world’s most famous unknown artist

June 6, 2013
























“Beauty is what you love.” – Yoko Ono. So simple. So true.

Yoko Ono is often referred to as “the world’s most famous unknown artist”. Even though she’s been an avantgarde artist for more than 50 years, the role she is most famous for is being the wife of John Lennon.

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (and one of my favourite museums in the world) is opening an exhibition called “YOKO ONO HALF-A-WIND SHOW – A RETROSPECTIVE” tomorrow showcasing her work.





















Photo: Louisiana.dk

“Yoko Ono expresses herself with equal simplicity and originality in visual art, poetry, music, installation, performance art, film and events. The main element in her works are not materials, but ideas.”

I’m intrigued. I will be sure to stop by before it ends september 29th.

If you are in or near Copenhagen I can recommend planning a trip to Louisiana. The exhibitions are always intriguing and well put together, the buildings are interesting architecture, the surrounding gardens are beautiful, the view of the ocean of Øresund is to die for and the food in the restaurant is well worth the trip. A must see for all Danish design and architecture lovers.

“Beauty is what you love”. Take a good look around – I bet you can spot something beautiful. I wish you a fantastic Thursday.


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