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by Lassen news: A classic is born

November 6, 2013


Last night I attended a blogger’s event at by Lassen in Copenhagen in honour of the new collection coming out this fall. By Lassen is most famous for the classic Kubus4 candle holder – we all know and love that one (I have two even!). Up untill now by Lassen is mostly known for their collection of candle holders and bowls. With the new collection coming out this fall, this is going to change, I predict. They are adding several new products and furniture to the product range including storage solutions, pillows, wall paper, prints, frames and mirrors.

I had a sneak peek of the first prototypes a few months ago. And seeing the collection again last night has convinced me – a new classic is born. I expect great things from the storage solution called Frame. The origin of the design is a sketch by Mogens Lassen from 1943. The result is a flexible storage solution composed of square boxes in cubic frames.

I love how true to the by Lassen feel this product is! And the possibilities are endless. Frame modules can be hung directly on the wall, connected together, stacked, or stand on their own on the floor. You can build a classic shelf or set your imagination free and build a unique sculpture. This is unique craftmanship in the true spirit of Danish Design – manufactured in Denmark and created with attention to detail. Sign me up for a wall full of these, please!



I am also loving the new wall paper called Flow. It dates back to 1946, where Mogens Lassen participated in a competition to design wallpaper with a contemporary pattern. The result was a series of graphic wallpapers including Flow. Flow comes in a soft beige and a dusty blue – and looks great in combination with the Frame storage solution I must add.



Want to see more? Go check out by Lassen’s brand new website and have a look at all the news.

Also check out great-granddaughter of Mogens Lassen and part-owner of by Lassen, Nadia Lassen’s favourite corner right here on that nordic feeling.

To the by Lassen team and the other bloggers who attended last night; thank you for a great evening and a fun workshop! x Rikke

Photos: by Lassen

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  • Avatar
    Reply Uila November 10, 2013 at 02:46

    I am in love. I have just the place to put some of those, now the hard task (besides getting all the money together) is to choose which colours and sizes I want.

    What colours would you choose if you were making a piece of furniture for yourself with them? You have such great taste that I am sure it would look amazing no matter which one you chose.

    • Rikke
      Reply Rikke November 10, 2013 at 10:36

      They are gorgeous, aren’t they. They have just the right combination of modern and classic with an edge, that I’m sure they will feel and look good in homes for years to come – just like so much other design from the mid century period. It is a lot of money, but I have no doubt that it will be a piece of furniture for life.

      Thank you for the compliment :) I think I would go with the light grey as a base and mix it up with some black to give it an edge. Maybe also throw one or two darker grey ones in there. I would build a sculpture somewhat in the looks of the second picture. They are so beautiful – a furniture and a pice of art all in one.

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