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The ballerina

September 17, 2014
Ballerina via that nordic feeling

Ballerina via that nordic feeling

When I was growing up my parents had two beautiful pictures of ballerinas in their bedroom. I remember lying in their bed on special occasions looking up at the ballerinas in awe of their graciousness and gentle appearance. The pictures was in soft and dusty shades completing the feeling of them being creatures from a fairytale or another planet. That was it. Ballerinas had forever stolen my heart.

I never took ballet classes and I am no way as gracious as a ballerina. I took hip hop classes though (Oh come on. It was the 90s – we all did the Hammer!). But still the images stayed with me and to this day I can recall them clearly. I was fascinated and still am.

And then it happened again. I’ve lost my heart to a new ballerina. Walnut Street recently launched a new series of photo art including three beautiful shots of ballerinas.

Ballerina via that nordic feeling

The photographer is Canadian and called Vanessa Paxton. All three portraits are gorgeous and captures that dreamy out-of-this-world graciousness, that ballerinas have. I had a hard time choosing a favourite, because all three are gorgeous. Ballerina I won and moved in a few weeks ago.

Seeing her on the wall makes me think I might need to add another one to my collection at some point.

Ballerina via that nordic feeling

The three ballerinas are part of a new photo collection called Selected by Walnut Street. The collection also counts 9 photos from Kristine Norlander – all shot and edited on her iPhone (yay for Instagram!). I have my eye on the one called Paper Abstracts. Check them all out here.

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