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Hallway make over

October 8, 2014
Hallway make over via that nordic feeling

Hallway make over via that nordic feeling

Ever since I moved in last year I have been wanting to do something different with the hallway, but I wasn’t sure what. We painted everything including floor, walls, doors, door frames and ceiling, when I moved in – like the rest of the apartment (check this post to get the big tour).

First I considered painting the front door in a different colour.  I couldn’t decide on one tho, so I never got around to it. Then I wanted to add some colour to one of the walls. Again I couldn’t quite decide on a colour. And that was that until I was contacted by the nice people over at Sadolin, who asked me to be creative with colours from their new Top7 range. It was the perfect opportunity to finally get started on the hallway!

Hallway make over via that nordic feeling Hallway make over via that nordic feeling

Top7 consist of 7 (surprise!) colours – both light and dark colours but all in lovely, dusty shades, the way I prefer. They are divided into three themes The Nostalgic, The Romantic and The Graphic.

Hallway make over via that nordic feeling

Now, the faithful reader will probably think that I am a graphic girl. I would think so too, but no. I lost my heart to the romantic theme. The dusty shade of violet combined with the rich eggplant and the fair creme colour. So boys and girls – I decided to work with this theme.

My first idea was to do a graffiti splatter with Eggplant and Flour on top of the Violetta. Buy when all came to all I wasn’t brave enough. Just think of how much wall, floor, doors and ceiling I would have to cover to pull this off without getting paint everywhere. I ended up doing something much more simple only using Violetta and Eggplant. Not surprising really. I do prefer the simple, minimal solutions in the long haul.

The trick to getting a straight line is to use paint tape. First you measure up a certain distance to the end of the wall and mark it with tiny pencil dots all the way down. Then you add the tape going from dot to dot. Once the tape is up, give it a good rub all the way down.

Hallway make over via that nordic feeling

Start by painting the edge with the same colour as your base all the way down to seal the edge. This way no tiny runners will make it underneath your tape in the tiny air holes. Wait for it to dry and then you are ready to add your second colour.

Hallway make over via that nordic feeling

Painting a wall is such an easy way to spice up your home. And honestly this didn’t take much work once I had taken down the Hang It All and cleaned the wall. The most annoying thing is waiting between coats for it to dry. But I made the most of it – once I had applied two coats of Violetta I went out to meet a couple of friends for a concert. By the time I came home I was ready to get started on the darker square.

Hallway make over via that nordic feeling Hallway make over via that nordic feeling Hallway make over via that nordic feeling

Hallway make over via that nordic feeling

The Violetta needed two layers and Eggplant needed three. It’s easy covering a light colour with another light colour – using a dark one needs a bit more effort. I started out with a white wall underneath that was painted a year ago.

I swear I hadn’t even noticed that my coat matches Violetta and my Hunter rain boots matches Eggplant before I put my things back after finishing!

Hallway make over via that nordic feeling

Hallway make over via that nordic feeling

If you are looking for info on the shoe cabinet, the coat rack or the dots check this post – and this and this post for info the basket.

Hallway make over via that nordic feeling Hallway make over via that nordic feeling

What do you think? Do you like it? Would you consider painting a wall in your home?

P.s. You might have noticed that there has been a few changes around here. It’s mainly in the sidebar where you will also find my brand new profile picture! Yes, you heard me right. After 1,5 years (and endless jokes about my pour try of staying somewhat anonymous with a photo of only half my face) I’ve decided to say goodbye the old photo. The talented photographer Simon Klein Knudsen has shot a real portrait of me. I am feeling a bit shy about it, but here I am :) I have also been working on updating the about page and sponsor page – with photos too. I hope you like it!

P.p.s. Don’t forget that today is the last chance to enter the give away to win a happiness package + a poster from I LOVE MY TYPE. Check this post for info x

*This post is sponsored by Sadolin. As always thank you for reading my blog and supporting my sponsors. They make it possible for me to do what I love.

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  • Avatar
    Reply Melafrique October 8, 2014 at 20:24

    Love what you have done, I think the romantic range has a feminine and soft edge to it. I see you :) #fullportrait

  • Avatar
    Reply kreavilla October 8, 2014 at 23:09

    Rigtig fedt Rikke.
    Nogen gange skal der ikke så meget til for at pifte et rum op – og elsker den dyblilla farve, så lækker.

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