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October 24, 2014
Via that nordic feeling

Via that nordic feeling
Hello there Friday – I’ve missed you! What about you – are you ready to welcome the weekend? I am. It’s been a busy week around here, but a good one!

Do you know Humans of New York? I’ve been following the site on Facebook for a long time, and the stories Brandon Stanton post every day still make me smile, feel sad or thankful for my life every single day. It’s one of those things that I wish, I had come up with. It’s so simple yet so brilliant. Here’s a recap, if you haven’t heard of HONY before: Brandon walks around New York city with his camera. He takes portraits of strangers and asks them a few questions. I have no idea how he does it, but he has this mind-blowing ability to get people to talk about their secrets, the worst days of their lives, their biggest fears and their hopes and the things that matters the most to them. I am in awe!

Humans of New York

Photo kindly borrowed from Humans of New York

And I am not alone. It’s now also a book ranging #1 on NY Times’s bestseller list and United Nations recently sent Brandon on a trip around some of the neglected countries around the world. Brandon has made a career out of following his heart. As a fellow writer, I have so much respect for him, and as a fellow human being, I admire his belief in the project from the very get go, when he was just a man with a camera and a dream. I could go on and on about this – I won’t. Just promise me, you’ll check it out :)

Brandon recently spoke at Eisenhower Auditorium and said:
“There are so many people that use ‘following your dreams’ as an excuse to not work. When in reality, following your dreams, successfully, is nothing but work.” I can totally relate. Here’s to working for our dreams x

Via that nordic feeling

On a completely different note (although New York related), Normann Copenhagen’s flagship store here in Copenhagen was named one of Europe’s 12 treasures by the New York Times. Now that’s cool! I totally agree – the shop is one of my Copenhagen favourites. Congratulations to Normann Copehagen.

Via that nordic feeling

Happy Friday-fun-day and weekend guys – I hope you have a nice one planned x

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