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Time for a fresh start

January 3, 2015
Via that nordic feeling

Via that nordic feeling

There is something about this time a year, that not only get’s me in a funky new years mood, but also makes me want to rearrange everything. It’s a sure thing every year like clock work. So I have been moving prints around, framing new ones, clearing every surface and rearranging everything in a new way. I’m not done yet, I still have a few rounds to go before I am satisfied.  Do you know the feeling I’m talking about, or is it just me? (please tell me it’s not just me!)

Via that nordic feeling

Ooh the light. Always chasing the light.

Btw thank you so much for all the positive feedback on my ‘how do you greet the new year’-post. I’m so happy to hear, that so many of you could use the inspiration. The post felt very personal to write, and since I don’t often share these kinds of posts, your wonderful feedback means so much. So thank you. Have you started the workbook yet? I’m almost done. Found my word last night – or rather it found me. Just what I needed to shake the new year’s funk.

Via that nordic feeling

For now I’ll leave you with a few glimpses and a promise to share more once it’s all set. Happy weekend, my lovelies x

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  • Avatar
    Reply Marie-Louise Daudeij January 3, 2015 at 16:41

    I just downloaded the ‘2015 unravelled’ book and sent it to my sisters in law as well.
    And as you asked in this post: you’re not the only one, I have just painted my bed for this new year, and can’t wait to make more changes in the bedroom!
    Oh! And I have ordered one of those beautiful pillow-covers on society6.com that you wrote about some time ago.
    I love your blog and your style! Too bad I live in Holland, because Copenhagen seems to have a lot that I did not know about when I visited the city 7 years ago. Maybe something for my 2015-intentions ;)
    Bye bye, have a nice evening!


    • Rikke
      Reply Rikke January 5, 2015 at 20:11

      Hi Marie-Louise,

      Thank you so much for your very sweet comment. I am so happy to hear you find inspiration on my blog and in my recommendations too.

      Good job with the bed – sounds like a great way to ring in the New Year. And it’s good to know I’m not alone ;)

      Have fun with your 2015 boom – I just finished and it feels great! Bring on 2015.

      Cph is def worth a visit – it’s the best city in the world ;) it should def go on your list :)

      X Rikke

  • Avatar
    Reply Molly January 28, 2015 at 20:23

    I just found you and love your style and pictures.
    This small girl – picture is absolutly lovely.
    Where do you find it?

    Lovely hugs – love to follow you

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