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The home of an architecture student in Copenhagen {guest post}

January 26, 2015
Vesterbro apartment in Copenhagen - via that nordic feeling

I’ve asked a hand full of inspiring and talented people to each write a guest post for the blog to keep you entertained while I’m off on holiday in Southeast Asia. Third up is Stine Marie Rosenberg, a student at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art – School of Architecture, the department of Cultural Heritage, Transformation and Restoration.

Stine Marie Rosenberg

I’ve met Stine through Instagram and love her eye for details, her aesthetic sense and rustic and simple approach to decorating. Stine recently moved to Vesterbro, Copenhagen and she’s having a ball renovating her new apartment. So I asked Stine to share her philosophy when decorating with us – enjoy x

My new Vesterbro home

The lovely Rikke asked me to share some photos from my home while she is enjoying time in Singapore (not at all jealous).

My name is Stine Marie, I am an architecture student based in Copenhagen.
I recently got a new apartment located at Vesterbro. It took me a good amount of time to find a place that met my wishes and requirements for a new home – nice flooring, original doors and windows and an un-renovated kitchen with the opportunity to apply my own style. This place had everything I was dreaming of.

Sometimes it seems like it is a never ending project to renovate this place. As a student the budget is limited and with a bunch of ideas, every idea has to be carefully considered before executed. With no budget for hired help or designer furniture, so far I have managed to do every change myself. It is however quite satisfying to have had a hand in every little thing that has been done, and the opportunity to tailor the space to my liking is such a joy to me. A true sense of home and an expression of who I am is slowly but surely coming to life in this space.

Vesterbro apartment in Copenhagen - via that nordic feeling

I see my apartment as a little personal zone for experimenting and as a hand on learning experience. When I moved in I peeled off all the old wallpaper, sanded the wooden floors (I didn’t do that myself) and had planed to paint. Over time I grew fond of the stripped walls – they tell a story of the past with its different layers of colors and marks from changes and repairs made over the years.

Vesterbro apartment in Copenhagen - via that nordic feelingVesterbro apartment in Copenhagen - via that nordic feelingVesterbro apartment in Copenhagen - via that nordic feeling

Sometime last year, photographs of an apartment belonging to the French architect Joseph Dirand flourished on the Internet and in several interior magazines. I instantly fell in love with the raw plastered walls in his kitchen – and lucky for me, my brother is a skilled bricklayer and he helped me execute that particular method on my bedroom walls. My bedroom is now my favorite room in the apartment. The structured walls and the way they reflect the light in the room is quite amazing.


I get inspired all the time – Instagram and magazines are a source of inspiration for me. But I also get inspired from the exteriors of a building, fashion magazines, quirky shops or from specific combinations of colours or structures.

Vesterbro apartment in Copenhagen - via that nordic feeling

When it comes to the decor in the apartment, I realized that everything has a very douche tone at the moment – It seems like I am attracted to a very neutral color scheme. I never gave it much thought, but everything I chose has a tone of grey, different varieties of wood and my green plants. One year ago my choice of color was more or less monochromatic. So now, I must say, I feel I am surrounded by a lot of colour.
Most of my furniture was found, handed down to me or bought used. At the moment I do not decorate with a bunch of knick-knacks – just my plants, books and a few necessary school supplies.
I am now working on my kitchen, getting some posters framed and I am still, after six months, unpacking boxes – so stay tuned!

Vesterbro apartment in Copenhagen - via that nordic feeling

Thank you Stine. I hope you enjoyed the peep into Stine’s world? How gorgeous are those walls? I’ll have to convince Stine to write another guest post and share the technique with us! If you want to see more of Stine’s beautiful home and style, go find Stine on Instagram under @srosenborg.

I am loving the guest posts while I’m away – more exciting ones to come, stay tuned!

Photos: Stine Marie Rosenborg

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    Reply Melafrique January 26, 2015 at 16:18

    Love the raw and yet perfect beauty of your home Stine

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