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Postcard from Langkawi

March 15, 2015
Langkawi via that nordic feeling

Langkawi via that nordic feeling Sunday Morning; I’m still in bed with a cup of coffee and a bag of dried mangos (a new favourite treat I brought home from Singapore). I’m sitting here reminiscing about my trip to Singapore, Langkawi and Indonesia last month and dreaming about summer, sunshine and happy days.

Life isn’t – and isn’t meant to be – one long holiday, but that feeling you have, when you’re sitting on a beach, staring out into the horizon, with no plans ahead of you, no where you need to be, no one you need to do something for, no deadlines, auto reply switched on and the complete freedom to do anything and nothing at all depending on your mood – THAT feeling to me is pure bliss.

via that nordic feeling


These days I think a lot about how to find little moment of that feeling right here in everyday life – in the midst of deadlines, work, the blog, emails, social media, projects, chores etc. It’s all about finding balance, like I’ve talked about lately.

For now take a stroll down this beautiful Langkawi beach with me. Happy Sunday x

Langkawi via that nordic feelingLangkawi via that nordic feeling

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