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Easter 2015

April 7, 2015
Easter via that nordic feeling
Easter via that nordic feeling

Little glimpses from my Easter: A new blouse (and it’s not black!), breakfast, my favourite cake (lemon meringue pie) at my favourite restaurant and a tiny Beetle on a beam.

Hello Everyone!

How was your Easter? I couldn’t have asked for a better one myself. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and we spent some wonderful days at the summer house. It’s been all about slow living, reading, relaxing, walks on the beach, lots of good food and cake, cocktail hour on the terrace and I even went for a 5K run in the woods and by the sea – ahhh.

Easter via that nordic feeling

Easter via that nordic feeling Rørvig beach; I am happy to go for a run with this view any time – and I’m not a runner!

I managed to get my first sun burn on my cheeks and forehead (despite having spent most of my winter in Southeast Asia), which is somewhat of an Easter tradition for me (yup, I got one last year as well). But hey, I soaked up every glorious hour of sunshine I could! On Thursday we should sit outside with jackets and blankets – but on Friday and Saturday it was warm enough to sit in the nook wearing only a light cardigan and even a short sleeved t-shirt for hours. To all of you who live on the sunny side of the world, this might not seem like such a big deal – but trust me, it is when you haven’t felt the sun on your cheeks or been outdoors without lots of clothes on since last fall! That’s why the weather is such a big deal to us Danes and why we talk about it so much.

Easter via that nordic feeling

Dark & Stormy in the sun? Yes please with a side of rainbows, please x

I came home yesterday and all that built up energy let me to get a head start on the spring cleaning. I washed the windows, cleaned the house – the living room and the bedroom got the whole nine yards, did all the laundry, even washed my winter jacket (I am so ready to put that one in storage for next year!), had coffee in the sunny backyard with a few of my lovely neighbours and managed to cross a few blog related chores off my list too. That felt good! I still need to spring clean the kitchen and the bathroom – I am writing in down here in the hopes that it will help me get through it next weekend (ha!). I honestly hate cleaning – but boy do I love a clean house :)

My batteries are super charged and I’m ready for a new week! I hope you are too – let’s make it a great one x

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    Reply Alena April 10, 2015 at 00:35

    Unfortunately, the Eastern half of Canada is coming out of the hibernation very slowly. But I totally get how you enjoyed the sunshine during Easter. I cannot wait to wash my windows as well, hopefully it will be possible this weekend as the weather should be in double digits (for the first time this year).

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