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Farewell to summer – hello to fall

September 1, 2015
that nordic feeling // organic Icelandic sheepskin

that nordic feeling // August moments

Summer is officially over. Boom. I know I say this every year, but I c a n n o t believe how fast it flew by. I blinked once and here we are. At the brink of fall.

It’s not all bad. It’s time to dig out all the woolen blankets, candles and knitted pillows and the darker days is a completely valid excuse to cosy up on the sofa with all your favourite magazines and a pot of your favourite tea. And to top that off, it’s also the season for interior autumn and winter news. I am running around to lots of events these days and I’ve seen so many good things so far, that I am excited to share with you.

that nordic feeling // organic Icelandic sheepskin

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been less active on the blog these past months. Honestly I’ve needed a break. A chance to breathe and time to find my inspiration again. I’ve been struggling for a while. Having a fulltime job (and an extraordinary full work schedule this spring) and keeping up with the blog and all the freelance creative, writing and styling work I get on the side has been taking its toll on me. I started this blog because I wanted to share my inspiration. I had no idea it would grow as big or as fast as it did. Don’t get me wrong I feel very blessed and thankful. But at the same time I want this to be fun – always – for me and for you. I want to have something honest to share with you. That’s where all this began. And that’s the way I want it to continue. So that means saying no more often. Finding new ways to manage all the business aspects and not letting the never-ending streams of emails steal all my time and focus. I am working on it, and for the first time in a long time I feel inspired. My fingers are itching to put all the ideas floating around in my head into words and pictures.

I am reviving an old tradition of writing down my intentions for the next month. So dear September, I am excited to great you. My calendar is so full of wonderful things already, the high lights counting Design Awards 2015 next week, where I am nominated for the first ever Blogger of the Year award (Wuhuuu!). I am so p r o u d and t h a n k f u l – and I would not be here without all of you, so thank you. And my first ever yoga and Pilates holiday. I have wanted to go on one of these for years. Life is short and all that so here we go! I think the break – physically and mentally – will do me good. So imagine me sitting on a beach in Greece in some odd yoga pose meditating the day away In fetal position hugging my phone while going through serious withdrawal symptoms from the digital detox, ha! And my youngest nephew and Godson’s 2nd birthday (stop growing so fast, please). It’s going to be a good month, I can feel it!

that nordic feeling // CPH

Dear August. I could write you a love song. You brought all the sunshine and warm summer days, July so epically lacked. You were full of bike rides in the sun, barbecues in the court-yard, beach fun and ice creams, friends and adventures, a wonderful family weekend in the North of Jutland and the best of weekends in Malmö. You made so much of what I had on my summer list come true. I am sad to see you go, but I will cherish you long into the cooler and grayer days of fall coming our way soon. Fall, no need to hurry x

P.S. Last chance to enter the Vee Speers’ give away if you havn’t yet. Go, go, go!

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