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The new dining room

August 12, 2018
Dining room with Flos lamps in the new apartment - via that nordic feeling

Dining room with Flos lamps in the new apartment - via that nordic feeling

If you’ve ever moved house, you know, it’s hard work. sorting through all you own, packing up all the things you wan’t to keep, move it, get the new place ready and then unpack and find a spot for every item. And then comes all the new things you need to get for the new place etc. It’s always a lot of work.

Sometimes unexpected challenges come along and complicate the process even further. That’s what happened, when I moved in December. It’s still not sorted out, so it’s taken a lot longer than expected to get settled in the new apartment. I can’t really get into all the details here, but just tell you, that it’s a struggle. That’s also why I haven’t blogged about the new place sooner. For now I can’t paint any walls, but at least all walls were newly renovated and painted white.

If you know me, you know that my head has been filled with ideas and plans since I first saw this place and that I’m itching to get started. So playing this waiting game is calling for all my patience. But it’s time to show you what it looks like so far, even if I’m not totally there – so many of you have asked for updates, so let’s get started!

First up – the dining room

The dining room is part of the living room and connected to an open and spacious kitchen as well as the hallway that connects with the bedrooms and entrence. This means there are windows on both sides, so the dining area and kitchen are always filled with natural light and sunshine patterns on the walls throughout the day. In fact that was part of the attraction to this apartment.

This is the heart of the home and the place where so much of every day living takes place from cooking, eating, working, entertaining guests etc., which is why I love the open connected rooms.

Dining room with Flos lamps in the new apartment - via that nordic feeling

New lamps

I knew I had to get new lamps for the dining area when I moved, because the table is standing in the middle of the room. Before it was up agains a wall with a wall mounted lamp over it. Like this, remember? Don’t worry, the beautiful Mantis lamp found a new spot to shed some light.

I knew right away what I wanted, as I have had a crush on the gorgeous Flos IC Light series (ad link) since forever. I am a lamp lover and always have been, so my wish list of lamps is forever getting longer. In a lucky coincidence, Lampegiganten reached out to me as I was packing up my old apartment to see, if we could work together. So of cause I said yes, and the boxes with the Flos IC S2 and IC S1 (ad links) arrived in the middle of all the moving mess last fall and was placed in safe care at my parents’ house.

Dining room with Flos lamps in the new apartment - via that nordic feeling

I am so happy with the choice. The IC Lights bring a clean feel with the white/brass and organic shapes. And I like the mix of a small and big one as they compliment each other well. Did you know, the IC series were inspired by a juggler? The designer Michael Anastassiades watched a juggler sliding a ball all the way down his arms and wanted to recreate the illusion, that the glass ball is balancing on the brass socket.

It was a little tricky to find light bulbs that would fit into the narrow opening. Also I would suggest not scale down on the wolts, if you want to hang more than one, like I did. Unless you have a dimmer – they are very bright.

Dining room with Flos lamps in the new apartment - via that nordic feeling

So many plans

The raw walls you see were another thing, that attracted me to this apartment. I’ve always loved old houses and I love the authentic feeling details like the exposed bricks add. The little bits of raw brick walls are details that pop up throughout the apartment and work like a red thred. There are other old preserved details in the apartment, that I will show you in upcoming posts.

The colours of the bricks range from light grey to a dusty, muted beige-yellow. It’s earth-tones and I find that this have given inspiration to the colours I’ve used in the decoration so far. I am very happy with the raw white wall behind the dining area for now, but I am considering adding a colour once I can actually start painting the walls. I am thinking about a light colour – a douche, muted tone to compliment the raw bricks. But perhaps I will chance my mind before we get to it, who knows?

For now it is actually okay to have time to get a real feel for the rooms and discovering the changing light with the seasons, before I start adding colours to the walls. All good thing come to those who wait, as they say, so I am practising my patience game.

Dining room with Flos lamps in the new apartment - via that nordic feeling

Details: Candleholder and match box: byLassen, salt and pepper shakers: Design Nation, salt jar: Nina Melgaard, tray: Hay, vase: Hilfling Design, marble trays: thrifted, chairs: 7 chairs by Fritz Hansen, table: Bella Table by Hay.

Stay tuned for more apartment posts. I have finally gotten around to shooting some photos of the parts, that are feeling more or less done. I will be editing photos and sorting them into posts.

* The lamps were a gift from Lampegiganten. The links in the post to Lampegiganten are ad links. This means, that I earn a small commission, if you choose to buy something on the site after clicking the link. Thank you for supporting my sponsors, they make it possible for me to do what I love. 

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    Reply Melafrique August 12, 2018 at 20:19

    Lovely seeing everything coming together. Love your choices of lights

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    Reply Scandinaviandesigns April 12, 2019 at 12:08

    Very nice – love this style

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