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Bedroom dreams

September 10, 2018
A scandinavian bedroom - via that nordic feeling

A scandinavian bedroom - via that nordic feeling

One of the best things about moving, is starting all over with a blank canvas. To me the bedroom is one of the most important rooms, because we actually spend about 1/3 of our lives in here (think about it – that’s a really long time!). So our bedrooms really need our attention.

To me a bedroom should be a place with serenity and calmness. Not too much fuss, decorations and other functions like the classic desk/home office stuffed into a corner. I know not everyone have the luxury of space, so sometimes we need to add more functions to a room, than we wish. But I would still argue to go for a calm look and hide away as much as possible, instead of leaving all your books, papers etc. on the desk.

As I mentioned in my last post, there are still some issues with my new apartment, so I’m still playing the waiting game and enjoying all white walls for now (not). I can’t wait to get everything settled, so I can start painting. And the bedroom is top of my list. I want to add a darker colour to give the room a more calm look. Remember the grey wall in my last bedroom? I really love that colour and I’m thinking about maybe using the same one again. I think it will look really good with my new bed.

A scandinavian bedroom - via that nordic feeling

New bed (yay)

Cause I got a new bed – and it is straight out of my dreams! I am so excited to introduce this new collaboration. I am a big fan of Auping and have been for years. I’ve been dreaming of an Auping bed for a very long time – even more after I visited their factory in Holland a few years ago. Here I got to talk to the employees and see the care that goes into every bed that leaves the factory. Every mattress cover is made especially for a certain customer and has your name on it all the way through the production. How special is that?

Auping is a company with a very admirable sustainability profile. They aim to organise all operating processes, products and services in a sustainable way by 2020, and they have taken many steps over the years in the right direction. That is a cause very near and dear to my heart and a big factor in why, an Auping bed has been at the top of my list for a very long time. I wan’t to talk more about this in my next post.

A scandinavian bedroom - via that nordic feeling


The Auping Essential

A scandinavian bedroom - via that nordic feelingThe Auping Essential is a perfect fit for me. It’s a sleek and elegant design with beautiful curves and no sharp edges – it has been my favourite Auping design since it came out. I love that you can add padding to the headboard to give it a more comfortable and warm feel – perfect for those long Sunday mornings in bed. I chose to go with a dark grey wool from Kvadrat. Natural materials have always been my favourite, and wool is such a great material, cooling or warming depending on the weather.

A scandinavian bedroom - via that nordic feeling

Another thing I really love about this bed, is the length. It is 210 cm long (and even come in 220 cm for the really tall people) and I tell you, the last 10 centimers are the best! I am quite tall (174 cm) and really enjoy being all stretched out and not having my feet sticking out. The more bed, the better – if you ask me! Also the bed has two motors and the foot and back section can be raised individually or separately. That is such a great feature when you – like me – like to sit and write in bed (as I am right now) or even enjoy the paper and a coffee on Sunday morning.

Looking at these photos, everything looks quite pink. It’s not always this pink I have to tell you. Although I love a touch of pink. The new sheets – also from Auping – in a soft pink looks really good against the dark grey headboard. And I’d just happened to buy pink flowers last week that matched the new sheets.

Other bedroom details

The curtains are all from IKEA; white linen and gray blinds. For now I’m using my Hay DLM table as a night stand. The lamp is the Carrie lamp by Menu – it’s genius as there are no cords. It’s an LED light that is charged by USB. The rug on the floor is a woollen rug from H&M Home and the pink vase is by Kähler.

A scandinavian bedroom - via that nordic feelingA scandinavian bedroom - via that nordic feeling

Future bedroom plans

The bedroom is actually quite big, so I have sort of divided it into two with a big freestanding wardrobe. The plan is to add wood boards to the back and paint them, so it looks like an even surface. I am also considering turning the bed around so the headboard is up against the back wall instead – I’ll need to make a decision, before we start painting. My Montana Wire basked in gold will be hung on the wall next to the bed as a night stand and I have plans to build some homemade shelves into a corner. So there is much more to come, as soon as everything with the apartment is settled. I will of cause keep you updated.

A scandinavian bedroom - via that nordic feeling

* This post is sponsored by Auping Scandinavia. All words and opinions expressed in the post are my own. As always, thank you for supporting my sponsors. They make it possible for me to do what I love.

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    Reply Sidsel September 10, 2018 at 23:36

    Det ser smukt ud, selv med hvide vægge hehe. Jeg er selv ved at indrette soveværelse med min kæreste og har fået overtalt ham til en farvet væg – yes! En Auping-seng er også min største drøm….men der går nok nogle år desværre. Er vild med gardinløsningen, den kunne godt blive aktuel her også :)

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