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A perfect Sunday morning in bed

February 17, 2019
A scandinavian bedroom - via that nordic feeling

A scandinavian bedroom - via that nordic feeling

I like to spend my Sunday mornings in bed, when and if I have the time. There is nothing better than waking up slow with coffee and a newspaper. I’m an old-fashioned kinda girl who loves the real deal on paper (the smell of fresh print, ah! I am a journalist after all), but printing newspapers just for one day is not sustainable for the environment, so the online version is my go to more and more. I’ve always loved staying in bed and that is one of the reasons I chose an elevation bed. This way I can raise the headboard and sit compatibly. And the feet too actually, because my bed has two motors, one in each end.

Right now I am sick with a sinus infection. My nose is all stuffed and I’ve really found the raised back to come in handy! It gives some relief that I’m thankful for these days. I’ve been in bed with a fever since Friday, so hopefully it will be over soon. But spending extra time in bed is making me extra thankful for my fantastic Essential bed. Sleep is no joke.

A scandinavian bedroom - via that nordic feeling

When you miss your own bed

I spent the first month of this year travelling around Australia (more on that to come). The trip was amazing and a dream come true, but of cause ment that I spent my nights in many different beds. Some more comfortable than others. It really reminded me not to take a good night’s sleep for granted – and how important it is to have a good bed you are comfortable in. Needless to say I was really happy to see my own bed again, when I came home!

Another neat thing about my Auping bed is the spiral grid, that the mattress rests on. It supports the mattress perfectly – when you lie down and when you raise the bed, but it also ensures 80 percent air flow to the mattress, which helps ensure that the elevation bed is supplied with fresh air during your night’s sleep. And as you might know we humans sweat a lot when we sleep, so air is important to keep your mattress healthy and happy.

Pro tip!

As an added bonus I’ve discovered that it is so much easier to vacuum under an elevation bed. When you raise the back, you have a better vision and can get all those little dust bunnies hiding under the bed. I am definitely a fan!

A scandinavian bedroom - via that nordic feeling

Work in progress

As you can see I am no closer to a finished bedroom. As I mentioned in this post, there are still some issues to work out regarding the apartment. I am trying to be patient, and have started to collect items for the wall. Here’s a little sneak peak to some of the things I will be adding to the wall, once I can finally start decorating and paint.

A scandinavian bedroom - via that nordic feeling

*This post is sponsored by Auping Scandinavia. All words and opinions expressed in the post are my own. As always, thank you for supporting my sponsors. They make it possible for me to do what I love.

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