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Via thatnordicfeeling.com

I am open to commercial collaborations and sponsorships with brands that are a good match for that nordic feeling.

As a journalist I am a skilled writer and I take great pride in the work I do from getting ideas, styling, photographing and writing. I create unique content and always strive to find my own angle that will appeal to my readers while staying true to myself and the universe I’ve created here on that nordic feeling.

I have been working professionally with journalism, strategic communication and social media for more than 10 years as well as working with blogs for the last 4,5 years. All that experience I use when helping you promote your brand, shop or product.

A collaboration can be anything from a single sponsored post to a series of posts, a long term ambassadorship, a give away or an advertorial. I also do styling jobs, photoshoots, Pinterest boards, social media posts etc.

I reserve the right to editorial freedom at all times. You may pay me to promote your product, but opinions expressed will always be my own. That is the only way you will connect with my readers.


Stats (November 2017):

Instagram: 23,400 followers
Bloglovin: 25,000 followers & 19,400 personal followers
Pinterest: 10,000 followers
Facebook: 2,800 followers
Twitter: 450 followers

Brands I’ve worked with previously

I work with both big and small brands – som Danish and some international. Here is a list of some of the brands I’ve had the pleasure to work with.

Samsung, Kähler, Ellos, Rosendahl, MT Højgaard, BoConcept, IKEA, Sadolin, TVIS Køkkener, Roomstore, Design Delicatessen, Finders Keepers, Vissevasse, Cane-line, Furbazaar, Hoff by Hoff Copenhagen, JENSENplus, L:A Bruket, Løv Organic Tea, Eva Trio, Imerco, Eucerin.

Contact me

Feel free to contact me for an informal chat. Email me and let’s talk about your specific needs, how we can work together, and prices.